What’s the Right Weight Loss Formula?

weight-loss-scaleMany ladies nowadays think that they can get their dream body by buying and taking these so many weight loss products that promise fast slimming. What they do not know is that by doing that, they are not really spending their money on the right investment. Spending too much on ineffective market products is as good as throwing your money off the trash.

Remember that nothing worth it comes easy. The same thing goes with weight loss. It is not that supplements or meds are never effective. The thing is, you have to do this along with other necessary things to do.

Notice that no successful weight loss person has achieved his or her target weight by just taking tablets, capsules, or teas. Weight loss is best done through combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, the right amount of rest, and the proper supplement. With this, weight loss will not simply be weight loss but achieving target weight plus healthy living.

  • What you eat is what makes you. That is an important thing to remember. Food for weight loss is actually a simple math. The food you eat should have fewer calories. Not more than your body’s capability to burn. Know that there is food that is not only low in calories, but also speeds up metabolism. These food include beans, a healthy source of protein: high in fiber and slow to digest. You can also fill yourself with soup for enough amount of calories, some dark chocolate, pureed vegetables, and some eggs and sausage to keep you away from unnecessary snacks.


  • Thing number two is proper regular exercise. You don’t need to kill tire yourself in order to burn fat. Doing the math, burning 3,500 calories is equal to losing a pound. You can do that by exercising at least 200 minutes (or more than three hours) a week in moderate intensity. And, of course, along with everything else done consistently like the food diet. If you cut calories and consistently exercise, you can go on with at least a hundred and fifty minutes or 2 and ½ hours in a week.


  • And lastly, to help your food diet and exercising is an effective weight loss and food supplement. Supplements can help you if you’re lucky to find ones that are organic, natural, and effective with minimal side effects. One good supplement is this one called Forskolin. It is an herbal extract that helps break down stored animal and human fat; It releases the fatty acids from the body’s abdominal issues resulting in loss of body fat and increase of lean body mass. Importantly, same with choosing any intake, make sure that your supplements are FDA approved to assure safety and effectiveness. Read more about Forskolin here.

These three things play equally important roles that make up a successful weight loss journey. It should be done consistently and properly. A lot of people would actually agree that discipline plays a great part. If you want to lose weight, you have to work hard. And that means not missing a thing in this trio formula. In the end, just like other thing, weight loss habits are things your mind and body can get used to.

The Acai Berry Myth

woman-dietIn South America, tiny round purplish black delights hang from a slender palm tree as tall as 9 feet. This palm tree is the acai palm tree and bears drupes called acai berries. Do these berries sound a little bit familiar to you? It should. Its taste is a cross between chocolates and wild berries. You could thus understand why many food enthusiasts around the world favor this berry as an ingredient to food products such as ice cream, pastries, wine, and tea. Not only that, acai berries have also made it to cosmetic products, food coloring, shampoos, and conditioners, as well as to skin creams.

Recently, however, online reviews have created a hype on this berry’s supposed weight loss and anti-aging properties. You might have even read some of them. But are acai berries really as powerful as they claim it to be?

Studies on these berries reveal that acai berries do have a high antioxidant level. However, this is to be expected since all berries, not just the acai, contain a high level of antioxidants. Studies further conclude that although acai berries contain essential nutrients, it is no superfood. It is simply one of the many good foods that we should eat a healthy diet. And just to clarify things, the science behind acai berries do not support the added claims that this fruit could be a cure for diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Furthermore, the Oprah Winfrey Show did not and does not promote acai berries as a superfood, contrary to what has circulated online.

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What foods then are supported by scientific data when it comes to weight loss?

One would be a certain cactus that is native to countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Southern Europe, Afghanistan, Africa, and the Canary Islands. Scientists call this cactus Caralluma fimbriata. It looks like your typical cactus with foul-smelling star-shaped flowers that are red in color. Even long before pharmaceutical experts have encapsulated this cactus, ancient Indian tribes have already been using this for its powerful hunger repression characteristics. The Indians either cooked the Caralluma cactus, pickled it or ate it raw, depending on what they preferred. This cactus was especially used by the hungry, who needed to numb the gnawing pain away.

What makes this cactus very effective in hunger suppression and weight loss?

The answer lies in the chemical found in the cactus, pregnane glycoside. This chemical acts to intercept the body’s hunger message so that it cannot tell the brain to release the chemical ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone. Without food intake, the body has no other choice but to consume its fat reserves. This process is what science calls, fat burning. Fat burning releases stored adenosine triphosphates or ATPs, and this release triggers the muscles into action. The muscles then work to burn energy faster, resulting not only to lost pounds but also to lean muscles. The effect of consistent intake of Caralluma is noticeable in as fast as one month.

However, you have to remember that such weight loss technique is only for those who need to lose weight due to obesity. Remember, the food you eat provides nutrition to your body for it to function properly. Intake of this plant could thus prove to be dangerous for the body if taken unnecessarily.

When choosing to buy Caralluma fimbriata capsules online, do make sure to check out the label for the FDA’s seal of approval. Also, do consult with a healthcare professional before consumption. For matters concerning your health, extreme care is always the necessary option.

Red Wine: A drink for beauty and health

Beauty is a universal concept of humans since time immemorial. Science fills us with a lot of so-called beauty secrets, diet plans, exercise routines, and skin supplements that have already been produced by many scientists and pharmaceutical companies to ease the problems of aging. People willingly undergo expensive skin treatments, plastic surgeries, and other intricate procedures, apply different creams and take different products just to look younger. However, these artificial and processed scientific products could not equal   the anti-aging protection that only the right food and ingredients can bring. What many may not know is that something as common as red wine could bring so much goodness to the body.

Humans have long since consumed red wine. Its history goes as far as 6000 BC when records show that both the Egyptians and the Romans already knew how to ferment wine. In fact, many paintings of different groups of people have been depicted with wine vessels. In the old history of getting drunk, sated and satisfied with flavorful red wine, who could’ve thought that this almost staple drink on your table is another wonder miracle on your anti-aging process?

What is so special about red wine is that it comes from grapes and thus contains polyphenols. In the 19th century it is found out that prolonged consumption of plants with polyphenol products reduces the risk of acquiring cancer, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis and diabetes.

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Apparently polyphenol, also known as flavonoids, is regarded as an anti-oxidant. Antioxidants like resveratrol found in grapes can absorb free radicals that damages cells. Resveratrol, categorized as polyphenol, is in itself a disease fighter of the grapefruit. The presence of anti-oxidants like resveratrol neutralizes the oxygen and free radicals in your body leaving you a lesser risk of cell damage, aging and diseases.

This antioxidant is necessary because the air we breathe poses also poses a danger in our body. Little did everyone know, the air we breathe has oxygen and free radicals.  Reaction to oxygen or the oxidation process can cause millions of death of our molecules on our bodies. Oxygen, therefore, is not totally very friendly in our bodies since it can also cause destruction in cells. This destruction of cells is what we commonly call aging, and since damaged cells can’t shed their cells, this process is also linked to human diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease. That is why anti-oxidants like resveratrol found high in concentration in grapes and other fruits is essential in our bodies.

We could say that it is the drink that is good for our entire health and the prevention of diseases.  It is indeed better to drink red wine other than alcoholic drinks such as beers and other beverages that can only cause severe illness in the body such as liver problems. Among other beverages, red wine alone can produce such wellness and longevity, and it’s also anti-aging. It helps maintain the full functioning of your cells in your body. It is indeed a worry-free drink, which you can drink leisurely with the promise of other health benefits which you can surely enjoy.

Why Take Supplements?

When you ask about how to maintain a good health while losing weight, doctors always include in their advices – proper food intake, regular exercise, and proper rest. The natural way of achieving things has always been better than doing things to achieve an instant result. But what is the use of the so many supplements in drug stores and health markets?

Health supplements are vitamins and minerals processed into tablets, capsules, powders, drinks, and drinks or energy bars. These are taken to supply the body with additional compounds that will help in various ways. Some supplements are intended to keep the skin healthy, some are for the strengthening of the body’s immune system, and some are for weight loss. The dietary supplements of today include herbals, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and many other products.

According to research, the American diet leaves the body lacking in essential nutrients. It includes potassium, magnesium calcium, and vitamins D, C, and A. To take supplement are not only to fill up the lacking nutrients in the body but also to:

  • Increase energy
  • Ward off diseases
  • Beat stress
  • Improve activity performance
  • Slow down the appearance of ageing
  • Help prevent deficiencies that contribute to chronic condition

If you are already taking a supplement or planning to take some, remember to be firstly sure that it is safe, and FDA approved. The amount of the supplement you are to take every day is on the suggested serving size at the label of each supplement bottle. However, it is best to consult your doctor or health care provider because they know best your medical condition and if things might not be right for you.

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You will find so many dietary or weight loss supplements in the market. It will be hard for you to know which one is purely natural and safe. Good thing, BRI Nutrition has a supplement that you can be sure of when it comes to effectiveness and safety. For a reasonable price, you can already have a 60-day supply of Forskolin.

Forskolin contains a herbal extract from a plant that belongs to the mint family, Coleus forskohlii. Research proves that it can help in weight loss through the breakdown of stored fats in the cells and increase one’s lean body mass. It also increases the production of AMP that increases the heart muscle’s contractility. Forskolin doesn’t only help in weight loss. It also has other beneficial results such as protection and treatment of allergies, high blood pressure, chest pain, asthma, blood clots, and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It is FDA approved and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

With Forskolin as your primary supplement, you will not only be able to maximize the effects and benefits of your regular exercise and proper food intake to lose weight and achieve your desired fitness. You will also get to provide your body additional protection from other diseases that may potentially hit you. It is a holistic natural supplement that is worth both the price and a try.

Lose Weight with Caralluma Fimbriata

It goes without saying that having a fit body involves losing weight. When it comes to losing weight fast, everyone agrees that among the best ways to achieve that would be to go to the gym or have a regular exercise and have a proper and controlled intake of food. To put it simply, people would describe the ideal diet plan this way: Eat like a queen in the morning; eat like a commoner during lunch, and eat like a beggar in the evening. That means eating as much as you want in the morning when you still have the whole day ahead to burn. Then, you are supposed to eat just enough at lunch, and eat the most little in the evening for dinner. It is because when you sleep, the body rests from activity and so does the metabolic process of breaking down or burning off the food that you eat.

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However, there are lots of people who have this problem of wanting to eat a lot every time. There are some who experience a hard time controlling their craving for food. If you experience a similar case, and you eat a lot from breakfast to dinner, then not even regular exercise can give you your desired weight, unless you burn enough fats. Moreover, it is already hard to maintain eating good food because most of what the market and instant food chains offer are unhealthy.

How then can you lose weight safely and successfully?

If you are one of these people who finds it that hard to control cravings, then a good dietary supplement can help you. Certain health companies such as BRI Nutrition offer plant-based supplements such as the dietary supplement called Caralluma Fimbriata.

The Caralluma Fimbriata dietary supplement contains extracts from the Caralluma fimbriata plant, a member of the cactus family. People know it as a “famine food” because of its capability to suppress hunger for days. It suppresses hunger and decreases the appetite of a person. In ancient India, hunters would eat it raw or cook and eat this plant as a vegetable to keep themselves from being hungry for long days of hunting.

There have been studies that prove its effectiveness and shows that the subjects who have taken the product significantly lost weight and body fat. Studies and developing evidences show that taking Caralluma extract for 60 days can not only suppress hunger but also potentially decrease waistline and pull down calorie intake and fat. Researchers also find that this plant could quench one’s thirst and improve body endurance.

With this, you will not only be able to suppress your unnecessary craving for food, you will also get to maximize the effects of your regular exercise. As your appetite goes down, you will no longer have to suffer resisting to buy the food that usually tempts you to eat more. But of course, along with his is diligence to do the everyday exercise and responsibility in the types of food you get into your body.  Efforts will not go to waste, and you are steps nearer to your goal of losing weight.