Clash of Clans Gems Generator? Does it really work?

Well, if you have been playing and enjoying Clash of Clans, you must already have a fair idea of how hard it is to be able to earn gems. The tiny little green gems, though rare to get, are extremely important for the progress of the game. Clash of Clans is a game based on strategy and the question whether the gem hack is real or not is often asked amongst the game’s enthusiasts.

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The answer to the question is both yes and no. Here’s how it is:

Usage of Gems

Gems are very important for various purposes in the game like speeding up the troops’ training , production of dark elixirs and elixirs, and the buildings; purchasing the builder’s huts, shields, gold, dark elixir, elixir etc.

Do you now realize the importance of them? Well, the issue here is that to obtain these gems, you have to spend your hard earned money. The aim of the makers of Clash of Clans is to make revenue when you buy gems. As we want our money to stick with us, we search for other options like hacks and tricks.

What are these Hacks?

One usually can gather from the internet that there are three kinds of hacks to obtain these gems.

  • Mod version of the game
  • Gem generator tools
  • Getting your device hacked

While using a tool which generates gems, the websites which offer these types of gems often require you to either fill surveys or do some petty tasks like downloading something or signing up for a program. Once the process is complete and you have done whatever task was asked of you, you never receive even a single gem. Moreover, with the details you’ve entered, you’ll be bothered continuously bothered with spam texts and emails.

While getting your phone hacked, you will not only not receive any gems but you will also be handing over your most sensitive data for others to see and access.

Some of the hacks involve you to download the mod version of the game and you will definitely get some free gems. However, once the Supercell finds out, you will be banned from the game. 99% of the times, they are successful in banning people who use the mod versions of the game. These modded versions are available on the private servers and you can only play the game with people who have also downloaded the modded version.

These hacks are real and they exist but the result of using these hacks is eventually getting banned from the game. So, it’s not worth the risk.

Earn Gems Safely

There are, indeed, a few ways in which you can earn gems in your favorite game, the Clash of Clans. These are not quick methods but are very reliable.

Clearing Obstacles

The land in Clash of Clans has lots of bushes, trees and rocks. Gold is used to remove these obstacles and in return, you get gems. Yay! For every obstacle crossed, you will receive about 0-6 gems. However, for obstacles which are the multiples of 5, you will receive many more gems.

Keep in mind that you can regrow the bushes every 8 hours and this means more gems to you.


Complete them. All the tasks which should be completed to reap results must be done so in the proper time. If the task is difficult, you receive more gems. The tasks which are easy give us less gems but they can be done quickly and easily. Keep a constant look-out for tasks. Also, keep checking the “ claim rewards” area so that you claim any task you have completed without any prior knowledge of the task.

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Happy Gaming!

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