100% Working Clash of Clans Hack!! [Unlimited Gems & Gold Trick]

[Hack cheat for Clash of clans, Guide tips cheat for unlimited coins, gems and gold]

Hack your favourite Clash of Clans.

If you are a fan of Clash of clans and want to play this game with unlimited resources such as unlimited gems, unlimited gold, elixir or unlimited troops. In simple words, are you searching for some easy wary or hacks to get free gems and gold then you are at right place. Here on this post, we are discussing all the tricks and hack related to a clash of clans that will allow you play the game without any tension of collecting tons of gems & resources in a short amount of time.

clash of clans hack

So, let’s get started!!!

First start with, what is a Clash of clans?

I know this question is irrelevant to you or any gamer in this world but for some noob out there who is new to mobile gaming and accidentally reached this page, here is the answer, Clash of clans is an online multiplayer game developed by Finnish game developer Supercell. The game is based on a virtual world where player act as a chief of the village and his task is to build his village with the help of different resources or currencies available in the game.

There are four currencies in the game named as Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems. The player collects these currencies by attacking others player village & use these resources to strengthen his defence for safeguarding his village from attackers as well as utilize some of them to train and upgrade their troops for future attacks.

The truth!!! Is it really possible to Hack Clash of Clans?

Hacking the Clash of clans is Not Possible!!!  Yes, you read it right. As I have already told you clash of clans is developed by game developer Supercell. All of the game files are hosted on Supercell server which is very secure and impossible to hack (btw don’t take it as a challenge bro, you can land in jail for that). Supercell always focuses on fair gameplay. They always check your transaction history and if an error is found, you can get banned from your clash of clans account. So don’t ever try to follow the fake websites or youtube videos claiming to hack the game, those all are fake and will never provide you with a single gem.

Believe me, I am saying this from my experience, I have tried and checked everything on the internet that offers free gems or gold generator!!! Believe me, none of them works. They are just frauds and scammers whose main aim is to get some random clicks on their fake apps.  On the name of human verification, they will ask you to install some random fake apps on your phone. And even after that, they will never provide you with a single gem.

Don’t be disappointed!!! There is a way:-

I am going to show you a trick that will help you to earn unlimited free Clash of Clans Gems and resources in a totally legit way so that you can play this game according to your desire. In addition to that in the second part, I am going to give a link to a working Clash of Clans.APK file that is hosted on a private server that will allow you to play the game like the original one with unlimited Gems, Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. You can even play the online without any difficulty and tension of collecting resources.

Part(I) ->100% legit ways to speed up the process of collecting gems.

1) Gems near trees and bushes.

By removing trees and bushes and clearing obstacles you will get some gems from it. Every cleared obstacle will reward you with 2.1 Gems on average and we already know that we can clear off spawn every 8 hrs in the home village as well as builder base. If we calculate this we will get at least 2.1X2X3=12.6 Gems in a day. And 12.6X7=88.2 or round of 88 Gems per week. Yes, free 88 Gems without doing any hard work!!!

2) Gem Boxes

This trick is also related to clearing obstacles. A Gem box can spawn in your base every 7 days. And it will reward you with 25 Gems everytime you remove it. In addition to that if you remove that Gem box after 48hrs after it spawned it will guarantee you to get a new one after 5 days. This makes it a total of 25X4=100 Gems in a month.

3) Do the Events for free Gems

In a clash of clans, special events happen almost every week where you can easily win 3

0-100 Gems. You just have to do a couple of attacks with the troops featured in that event. An easy way to earn some Gems. Always keep your eyes on those special events.

4) By downloading some free apps

By using services like AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps you can earn free credits. You just have to download some random apps through this app for which these services will reward you with some points. Later you can redeem those points to purchase gift cards from iTunes or google play store an then you can use that gift card to buy gems.



Want to learn more about these tricks? Click Here:-

Part(II) -> Working Clash of Clans Hack Download.

As promised here in this second part I am going to give you a link of working Clash of the clans.apk hacked file. By downloading and installing this on to your smartphone you will get unlimited gold, unlimited gems and unlimited Elixir and Dark elixir without doing anything. You just have to open the game once in a day and you will notice that your bucket of gold, gems everything gets automatically filled.

Now you must be thinking, “How is it possible? You already said the game is unhackable!!!” The answer lies in private servers. With the help of clash of clan’s private server you can play the game like the original ones but with more features like unlimited gold, gems.

As we all know Clash of clans files are hosted on Supercell server but on the other hand working clash of clans hacked apk file that I am giving you link at the bottom is hosted on third-party private servers rather than on Supercell server. These private servers offer unlimited resources like gems, gold, elixir without actually doing any hard work. Do you want to know more about the private servers? Do you want to get a list of best private servers? Click here.

Now as promised here is the link:


DOWNLOAD:- 100% legit & working Clash of Clans.apk


Features of Clash of Clans hacked APK

  • This clash of clan hacked file allows you to play the game through the fast and secure private server so that you don’t face any lag or trouble.
  • This private server comes with VPS and DDoS protection which prevents from any virus or malware attack.
  • You will get unlimited Gold, Gems and Elixir without paying anything for the service.
  • Player will be able to run the game on the fastest and the smoothest Clash of Clans Server.
  • You can create custom buildings, the custom defence as well as custom troops by combining two different characters.
  • Player will get every special troop Troops like Barbarian king, P.E.K.K.A, Baby Dragon, Healer, Dragon, Valkyrie, lava hound are already unlocked.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by our users:-

Q- Can I play this game on my PC?

A- Yes, the procedure of playing this game on PC is same as on your phone. You just need to install bluestack on your PC to download the file. Click here if you are interested to learn more.


Q- Do I need a rooted device to install this game?

A- Absolutely not, Well there is a myth that you need to root or jailbreak your smartphone to run some hacked game. At some point, it’s true for most of the game but the good news is Clash of clans hack.apk works perfectly fine on any device. I have tested this hacked APK myself on three different unrooted smartphones without any problem. I found that private servers were running smoothly without any problem.


Q- What if I uninstall the game then reinstall it, will my previous progress be restored?

A- Yes, your whole progress will be backed up on the server.


Q- How to install this hacked Clash of clans.apk on a smartphone?

A- Here is the step by step procedure:-

  • If you are reading this article on PC then download the APK file from the download link given below and then transfer the file to your smartphone through data cable. If you are already reading this on a smartphone, you just need to click the download link given below.
  • Now go to file manager and tap the downloaded apk file to install on the device. Depending on the model of the phone it may ask you for the security permission. Something like “allow installation from unknown source?”



  • You need to press “Allow” here. Don’t worry I have already checked the file for viruses or malware. The file is completely clean, you can allow the installation without any worry.
  • Now, Clash of Clans haked file is installing on your device. Do not touch anything let the process to complete.
  • Once complete , the clash of clans hacked APK is installed on your phone. Game icon will appear on your screen. Enjoy playing the game with the hacked clash of clans.apk running on a private server with unlimited gems, coins and everything.


Q- Can i play this game on PC?

A- Yes of course, but for that you need to install Bluestack android emulator on your computer. Here is a link to an article that can help you on that.

DOWNLOAD:- 100% legit & working Clash of Clans.apk


Final words

I hope you will enjoy this hacked Clash of Clans apk. We have tried our best to give every minute detail related to hacking this game in an easy to understand language. If you are still facing difficulty playing this game or installing this game, leave a comment below. Our team will contact you as soon as they get the message.

In addition to that if you want some specific private server to install on your phone, contact me without any hesitation.

DOWNLOAD:- 100% legit & working Clash of Clans.apk



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