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clash of lights

Clash of Lights working ApK download.

Are you a gamer? Do you keep playing games which are the currently buzzing all the time? Well, you might have already heard about Clash of Lights then.

You might be wondering what is so special in the Clash of Lights. How is it different from the regular Clash of Clans? Let us tell you.

Clash of Lights is similar to the Clash of Clans in terms of the village mode and characters.  Everything else about Clash of Lights is different.

You can do literally whatever you want to using the Clash of Lights. This is what the special feature is and this is why people are hyped-up about this game. The old version makes the task impossible.

There is no limit for the number of troops and the spells. You can have as many as you want. And the best part, there are absolutely no limitations when it comes to storage.

This version has been intensely tested and most people claim that they like Clash of Light better than the other versions. With this version, you can practice, clash and then finally show off your skills in the original version.

The Best Features of Clash of Lights:


  • Get Unlimited Troops: I know, I know. We have all felt tired and bored of playing with the same troops over and over again. We have all wished that we should have newer troops besides the old ones. Well, Clash of Lights has made it possible. Total annihilations, just because there were no more troops, were a hard thing to digest. It happened with us before and now, we can avoid it by simply cooking up as many troops as we want. With this, let’s all have the three stars pocketed all the time.
  • Get Unlimited Gems: Gems are simply the best way to upgrade everything in your game. Do you find them awfully expensive? Because, we do and we have also found a solution to it—Clash of Lights! The little green crystals we all yearn for are super easy to have and an unlimited number of them at that, with Clash of Lights.
  • Get Unlimited Buildings and Defenses: Well, here’s the situation which annoys most of us. We have upgraded the game to the fullest and there is still some amount of free space left. We all know that trees start appearing and spoil the appearance of our base. With Clash of Lights, we can add as many buildings and defenses as we like and not let the annoying trees fill our space.
  • Get Unique Heroes: With the old version, we had the king and the queen. In the new version, however, some new heroes have been created who are not only experts in saving the villages but are also warriors. Some of the legendary heroes added in Clash of Lights are Golem king, Goblin King etc.

The size of Clash of Lights is 67 MB and version 3.4.8 is the latest one. There is no requirement of the root and the android version on which it runs is 4.1.1 and higher. Keep in mind these requirements which downloading the game and when you have successfully downloaded it, have fun with it!



Download: Clash of light latest [UPDATED] Server


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