Tips & tricks to get free gems legally in Clash of Clans.

We could all agree that Clash of Clans is a very successful game with lots of active players from all around the world. It’s no surprise that even today; many people are in a quest to find free gems so that they could improve their villages.

If you are one amongst the Clash of Clans enthusiast, you are in the right place! Here are the top tricks and cheats to earn free gems.

free gems in clash of clans

Tricks & Cheats that Do and Don’t Work!

Let us first be clear that it is absolutely possible to play and open everything in Clash of Clans without spending any money on Gems. However, this requires a lot of time and dedicated play. Let’s see some of the tricks and cheats –

Hack Tools and Online Gem Generators

If you have been searching for some free gems online, you must have landed on some form of the online gem generators. This is one of the most famous hacks which requires you to enter the number of free gems you want for which you are asked to download something or take part in a survey. This obviously doesn’t work very well because such generators haven’t been created yet.

Cheat Codes???

There are absolutely no cheat codes for the Clash of Clans game. The developer of Clash of Clans, Supercell, earns revenue by selling gems online and if that is their only source of earning from the game, it makes no sense that they have created any cheat codes for the game. Cheat Codes just don’t exist.

Dark Elixir and Hidden Elixir Hack

Even if your village is a very well-designed one, the elixir or dark elixir still gets stolen. You can hide some dark elixir or elixir in the training queue. Witches and Wall Breakers work best when you want to hide some elixir or dark elixir.

At least once in a week, there are events being conducted in the Clash of Clans. This is a golden opportunity to earn some elixir and dark elixir.

Usage of APK Files or Mods

It is advisable that you do not use APK files or Mods as Clash of Clans has a super effective mod detector which upon mod detection will ban you forever. It simply isn’t worthy. Moreover, there are some other disadvantages too while using custom APK files. 99% of the times, upon mod detection, you will be banned forever. Your phone/tablet will be rooted so that you lose warranty for your device. APK files can contain Keylogger which can steal all your passwords and account data. If you are still intrested here is a link to the article that can help you on that.

Because there are so many risks involved in playing the Clash of Clans game illegally, let us refrain from it. Cheer up! We are not saying that you play the game in a slow-pace. There are solutions and here they are—

Gem Mine Hack

In the builder base, the Gem Mine produces gems at a slow pace. The most important thing is that you refrain from collecting gems immediately when they appear. Let’s say that the gem mine produces 1.5 gems and you collected your gem. This will only give you one gem which results in 0.5 lost gem. Though it may sound a very small amount, it definitely adds up as you keep playing.

Gem Box Hack

A gem box usually appears once every 7 days. Sometimes, it takes much longer. Here is one trick which guarantees that you will receive one gem box every week.

When the gem box appears, wait for 48 hours before removing it. It has been proven over and over again that if the gem box isn’t opened in the first 48 hours, the gem box appears within the next 5 days. So, be patient and collect more and more gem boxes!


Events usually occur once every week, sometimes twice. This is a great chance to earn free gems as the only requirement is that you attack a certain troop, which you do anyway.


If you are a F2P, you can easily earn 88 gems with just a little work. If the spawn rate of a single tree is multiplied every 8 hours in your builder base and home, you will be rewarded with 1.85 gems for every tree. This adds up to 88 every single week.

These are some of the legal tricks and hacks of Clash of Clans. Hope you utilize them and progress at a much faster pace in your game. Happy Gaming!




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